MD1 - Tahir Foundation Building

  • Key Details
    • AddressKent Ridge, Singapore
    • Stage09-Completed (Post-Construction)
    Project Information
    • DescriptionMd1
    Approved Dates
    • Provisional Permission (URA) xx/xx/xxxx
    • Written Permission (URA) xx/xx/xxxx
    • Building Plan xx/xx/xxxx
    • Structural Plan xx/xx/xxxx
    • Permit to Commence Works xx/xx/xxxx
    • Civil Defense Shelter Plan xx/xx/xxxx
    • Temporary Occupation Permit xx/xx/xxxx
    • Certificate of Statutory Completion xx/xx/xxxx
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      1. x & x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx
        • Project RoleSupplier
        • Categories []
        • Person in charge xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
        • Phone xxxx xxxx
        • Address xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx, #xx-xxx, xxxxxxxxxx xxx, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx
        • Website xxxx://
        • Email
    • Architect in charge xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
    • Professional Engineer xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
    • Accredited checker xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
    • Qualified Person xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx