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Amston Properties P L

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    60 GILSTEAD ROAD, Singapore 309104, Singapore, Singapore
    6352 0721

    Air Compressors, Air Conditioning, Air Coolers, Air Dryers, Asbestos & Asbestos Products, Biological Products, Boilers, Calorifiers, Circuit Breakers, Conveyors, Couplings, Deaerators, Detectors, Electric Motor Speed Controls, Electrical Contactors, Fans, Filter Presses, Filters, Fire Doors, Freeze Drying Systems, Freezers, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Hydraulic Equipment and Supplies, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Pumps, Incubators, Industrial Heaters, Laminar Flow Equipment, Noise Barrier, Noise Control Consultants, Noise Control Structures & Equipment, Oil Refiners Equipment & Supplies, Optical Measuring Systems, Paging & Signalling Equipment, Parking Systems & Equipment, Plasma Cleaner, Power Transmission Products, Pumps, Radio Communication Equipment & Systems, Radio Transceivers, Relays, Roof Ventilators, Safety Relief Valve, Smart Meters System, Smd Inspection Systems, Sound Barrier, Sound Control Structures & Equipment, Speed Reducers, Switches, Telemetering Systems, Timers, Vacuum Pumps, Valves, Vermiculite, Vibration Controls, Walkie Talkie, Wireless Electricity Monitors
    Amston Equipment Pte Ltd, Amston Properties Private Limited
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      • The company has not yet defined wether it has a documented Quality Policy and Management Procedures
      • Number of litigations concerning "Quality" of the works in last 3 years : Undefined
      • The company has not yet defined wether it has a documented Safety & Health Policy and Management Procedures
      • Number of fatal accidents in the last 5 years : Undefined

      Year Number of accidents declared to a Main Contractor or MOM or insurance company Man days lost per year
      2015 - -
      2014 - -
      2013 - -

      • The company has not yet defined wether it has a documented Environmental Policy and Management Procedures
      • Number of environmental summons (Noise/Vector Control/Pollution) received in the last 3 years : Undefined
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    Site Management team
    Number of Site Manager(s)
    Number of Engineer(s)
    Number of QA Manager/Engineers
    Safety & Environmental management team
    Number of Safety Officer
    Number of ECO
    Number of Safety Coordinators
    Technical/Supervision team
    Number of Supervisor(s)
    Number of Foreman(s)
    Number of Technician(s)
    Engineering/Design team
    Number of Engineers
    Number of Draftings
    Offsite manufacturing/storage/transportation workers
    Withing own employee base
    Able to mobilize
    Workers on site
    Withing own employee base
    Able to mobilize
    Withing own employee base
    Able to mobilize
    Premises - Office
    Size (m2)
    Rented/Owned ?
    Premises - Storage
    Size (m2)
    Rented/Owned ?
    Premises - Manufacturing
    Manufacturing Capacity
    Size (m2)
    Rented/Owned ?
    Overseas facilities?
    Facilities owned in Singapore?

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